Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Balm How Bout Them Apples Palette

It has taken me forever to write up this blog post, but I couldn't put it off any longer because I just had to rave about the newest makeup palette in my collection.

You guessed it, it's The Balm's How 'Bout The Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette. Before I bought this palette, I was eyeing it like nobody's business. I watched a review on emilynoel83's Youtube channel and I knew I had to have one of my own.
Before owning this palette, I didn't have any cream blush products in my collection. I wanted to add some to my collection for the summer and spring because I didn't want to cake on tons and tons of powder products on my face during the hot months.

Luckily, I was able to snatch the palette up online on sale. Yay for discounts!
First and foremost, can we talk about the packaging? How cute is this palette? The Balm always outdoes themselves with the most adorable packaging. I love how it has an apple theme and as a single girl born and raised in Texas, I love how there are shirtless cowboys printed by each blush.
I love applying these with my E.L.F. Small Stipple Brush. It applies the cream blushes effortlessly.
I also love how the cream blushes blend perfectly into my skin, making it look more natural than a powder blush.
From L to R: Cider, Cobbler, Pie, Crisp, Candy and Caramel
I love this as cheek palette, but I'm not so sure I love this for my lips. I have tried putting some of the colors on my lips, but I was not a fan because it was pretty drying.

I will say that I tend to always have dry lips, so many of my lip products aren't moisturizing enough. Maybe I'll try applying Carmax before the application and see how I like it.

I did buy this for a cheek palette, so it doesn't really bother me if I can't use this on my lips.

I really don't think I have one bad thing to say about this palette. I love it that much. I think it's perfect for the spring and summer with the variety of colors it contains.

If you have not checked out this palette, you must do so ASAP! I'm sure you'd love it just as much as I do!

What's your favorite blush to wear in the spring or summer?

Love and desserts,


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    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thanks so much for following! I love meeting new people, as wel! I'm now following you via GFC! :)


  2. Think I might buy it just for the cowboys! So cute!!!

    1. Haha! The cowboys are a treat! :) I don't think you'll regret buying the palette!


  3. This palette is so adorable! It looks pigmented too! Might consider getting this :p

    I followed you by GFC , hope you would follow me back too :)

    1. Thanks so much! I think you would really enjoy this palette! The colors are very pigmented. I have to be careful not to apply too much product on my brush because a little goes a long way! haha Thanks for following my blog! I tried following via GFC, but it was giving me problems! I now follow you on Bloglovin though! :)


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