Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Milani Coming up Roses Powder Blushes Spring 2014

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and a great weekend.

Today I wanted to talk about a few blushes I got a week or two ago. They are the Milani Coming up Roses Powder Blushes. The ones I own from the collection are Love Potion and Lady Rogue.
From L to R: Lady Rogue and Love Potion
Lately I have been trying to budget my money better, so I held off on buying these blushes online. When I was finally ready to purchase them, Milani no longer had these colors available. Instead, they had the first collection of Coming up Roses blushes from summer 2013. I freaked out, and ended up buying these two colors on Ebay for a reasonable price.

I'm not going to lie, I bought these because of the imprint. I have one from the first collection (which I also had to find on Ebay), and I really did like it. Sure, it's not the best blush I've ever used, but it's a natural color blush that I can wear daily if need be.
These are much like my my blush from the first collection. I will say that my Coming Up Rose Blush in Romantic Rose from the first collection is a lot more softer in texture than the new ones that I have.

Besides their packaging, there's really nothing special about them. I do love the colors a lot though. They are very bright and fun and I think these would be perfect for the spring and summer time. I wish I could've got my hands on Coral Cove, which was a bright orange, but these will suffice. 

I read many reviews on these blushes and many if not all of them said that they were patchy looking when swatched, which is very much true. Although they don't come out patchy when applied on the cheeks with a brush, I do find it a little odd. 
Top: Love Potion
Bottom: Lady Rogue
If you missed out on these last summer, are a sucker for packaging and love more neutral colors of blushes, you might want to check out their first collection of Coming up Roses blushes that are on Milani's website right now. 

If you're looking for the colors from the spring collection, my best advice is to search Ebay. You can find them floating around there for a reasonable price, just keep checking.

Now that I have these blushes, it makes me want to try the Milani baked blushes. I've heard nothing but good things about those!

Do you have any of the Coming up Roses blushes? Do you have any Milani blushes in general?

Love and desserts,


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I am dying to try their lipsticks, so I'll have to make sure I do that soon! I heard they smell like watermelon too! :) I think you'll end up liking these blushes too! Even if it's only for the cute packaging! :)


  2. I love the form of the blushes. They are so cute and add such a sweet feminine touch to your makeup vanity. ALMOST too adorable to use :)

    1. Thank you! I love the form of them, as well! They are super pretty to have out on display. I'm going to be so upset when the blushes start to level off! haha :)


  3. These look great! I must start looking online for them. Sucks that many beauty brands are so tricky to get in AUS :(


    1. Thank you! :) And yes, keep an eye out for them and you should be able to find them! It's a bummer some beauty brands are hard to find in AUS, but hopefully you can find most of them on Ebay! :)


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