Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Physicans Formula Haul

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Two weekends ago I strolled over to my local CVS to pick up some Physicians Formula products. I found out via Nouveau Cheap that they were having a B2G1 free. My whole reason for going out and buying products I didn't need was because I had originally read her post wrong. I actually thought it was B1G1 Free (that was way to good to be true). So I pranced my tail into CVS having what I wanted in my head already picked out.

I wanted a Nude Wear blush, the Translucent Pearls, a Cashmere blush, and a Happy Booster highlighter. Well, I got two out of the four things I wanted.

Swatches without flash from L to R: Translucent Pearls, Blush, Bronzer
Swatches with flash
I've been using these products consistently for a week now and I wanted to give you my honest first impression on them.

Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearls
I love this. I had heard so many people rave about this product via Youtube, so I knew I had to try this. I was a little weary when one of my favorite Youtubers said she wasn't a fan of this product recently because it came off as a silver highlighter, but because so many other people loved it, I bought it.

I don't have many highlighters, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I think this is my favorite highlighter I own. I like that you can tell there's a little brightening on the high points of my cheeks. The other highlighters I own come off more natural, which I think is a good thing, but I like this when I feel like my faces needs a little more oomph.
I'll be honest with you I do not like any of the Nude Wear products. I have been trying both the bronzer and the blush all last week and I just can't get with it. When Physicians Formula says Nude Wear, they definitely mean it. I was told via Youtube these products show up very light, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From the swatches, I thought I would be able to pull it off, but it didn't. Let me be more specific by talking about the blush and bronzer individually.

Nude Wear Bronzer
When I looked at the bronzer, I just knew the darker shade in the box would show up on my skin. I was so wrong. When I swirled my brush in the product and transferred it to my skin, I saw absolutely nothing. So I went in again and repeated the process. I repeated the process a good three times and I still felt like I couldn't see diddly squat.

Also, I don't know if I'm using the wrong type of brush or if it's just the formulation, but it kicked up a lot of product.
Nude Wear Blush in Natural 
Well this was much like the bronzer, a total disappointment. I swirled my brush in the product a good three times and I barely see anything on my cheeks. It shows up more on my cheeks than the bronzer, but it's no where near the kind of pigmentation I like. I know, I know, "It has nude in the name, what do you expect Ashley?" I don't know what I expected, but I know it wasn't this. Much like the bronzer my brush kicked up a lot of product.
I think part of my problem is that I'm not fair skinned. I feel like these would work good on much lighter skin tones than mine, but if you're around my skin tone, I'll tell you now, you will not be impressed with these. I do love the packaging though. It's too darn adorable. I'm all about anything pink and anything with bows.

Even though I am not a fan with the bronzer or the blush, I am determined to make them work for me. I'm going to play around the with bronzer more and I might try using it as a blush in the summer to give me glowy cheeks. We'll see.

Have you tried any of these products for Physicians Formula?

Love and desserts,


  1. Great review. I have a highlighter - the only one I have ever had - its a liquid one and its from NARS it makes you look dewy and golden which is great for the spring/summer season. I just ran out of it and I'm afraid to try anything else - I'll be on the lookout for a deal like this one next time :)

    Thanks for linking up with Let Your Light Shine Thursdays!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I want to try more NARS products. I really want the Albatross highlighter from them, but it's a powder. The highlighter that you have from them sounds so gorgeous! I know what you mean though. I like to stick to what I know, but it's nice trying new things too. Catch those deals with you can! :)

      As always, thanks for hosting the blog hop!


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