Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Big Girl Job and My Experience on Job Hunting

Happy Thursday! So by the title you can probably guess what this post is about. I got a big girl job! After 7+ months of job searching, this one landed right into my arms, literally. This is going to be one very long post, so brace yourself. I just had to share my experiences with you all.

My job hunting experience has not been the easiest. Actually,  it was hell and it was quite miserable, to be honest. I had been applying to jobs since June, while also trying to finish up summer school. At first I had every intention of staying in Austin. My friends were there, I had become accustomed to my life, and I felt independent.

I actually received a few offers, even one for my ideal dream job, which is combining makeup with PR/social media. Needless to say, the company showed their true colors and rescinded my offer because I asked about negotiating the salary.

Once I officially finished up my classes at UT, I moved from the place I had grown to love so much to under my parents roof in Houston. I was miserable to say the least! I had little to no friends back at home and I missed living in my apartment dearly.

Even though I had moved back home, I had every intention of being back in Austin again, so I continued looking for jobs out there. I went on a few interviews in Austin, until I hit another breaking point. I ended up receiving an offer that I wasn't completely excited about and also received an interview for a media company I was dying to join.

So what did I do? The media company sounded promising enough, so I took my chances and went on the interview in hopes that I could wait to tell the other company if I would accept their offer or not. My decision to accept their offer was all contingent on if I received an offer from the media company.

Well that didn't go too well. I ended up not getting the offer from the media company and the lady from the company I received an offer from decided to look for someone else because she didn't see "my enthusiasm" about the offer.

So there I was again back at square one. After I didn't receive the offer from the media company I really wanted to work for, I'm pretty sure I went into a mild depression. When most of your friends have jobs in their fields and are doing well for themselves, it's hard not to compare your journey with theirs. I stopped looking for jobs for a few weeks and I didn't feel like doing much of anything.
When classmates post pics of their new workplace on Facebook (via Buzzfeed)
After I got out of my slump I started my focus on jobs in Houston instead of Austin. I felt like my time to move back out to Austin came and went and I needed to think realistically about my future. My parent and student loans were over 100,000 dollars (yes, five 0's), my student loans were going to be coming my way in a few months and I needed to save as much money as I could.
When someone tells you: " I don't understand how you can end up unemployed with all of the money you spent on your degree!" (via Buzzfeed)
Although I hate living with my parents, I am very fortunate. I don't have to pay for anything (besides my half of the phone bill now). I wouldn't have to worry about rent, utilities, food or any other expenses that goes with living on your own.

When I started applying to jobs in Houston, I had no luck. Like none. After a while of applying I ended up getting an interview at a PR company and eventually landed the job. YAY, right? No. Lets just say they didn't have their stuff together.

I went in on the first day to find out they were going through a transition. The people who had hired me decided to split from the company and go their separate ways. So the owner who was now fully in charge had no idea what I was hired for. She asked me to leave for the day because it was the middle of the week and she was thrown off. She also asked if I could send her my resume and if I didn't hear from her in a few days to call her. WHAT? I was done.
This was me on my first and last day at the PR company
About a month and a half ago I applied for a social media position. I went through the phone interview and was asked to come in for an in-person interview. I was so excited about this interview and the company. I had really good vibes about it. After my interview I was told that they should have their decision within a few weeks. So I waited, waited and waited.
When you're waiting to hear from a potential employer (via Buzzfeed)
While waiting I got a phone call from my cousin, who works for an oil and gas company. She said they were looking for someone to be in the mailroom and that she thought it would be good for me. She sent over my resume and hours later I got a call saying I received an offer for the mailroom position.

My immediate thoughts were that I didn't want it and I wanted to wait to hear back from the social media position. So I asked if I could have a few days to decide. I was so conflicted.

The mailroom position came with a decent pay and benefits. Two things that I desperately needed, but it wasn't in my field. I'm a PR major who loves it dearly, especially the social media aspect of it. With PR jobs, they want to see experience, specifically in PR and mainly at agencies. I was afraid of taking the mailroom job because I didn't want it to hold me back from reaching my dreams and goals of one day working for a PR/advertising agency.

Well as you can see I was pretty conflicted, so what did I do? I prayed. I asked for God to guide me to the decision. I am a very indecisive person, so I need a little push in the right direction sometimes. Well my push came because the next morning my cousin called me and told me they wanted to know ASAP if I wanted the job or not and she basically told them yes for me.

At first I was mad about it, but then I thought long and hard and decided that that was the push I needed and asked for. She chatted with me and told me she started in the mailroom and moved up in the company. She also told me about her sister who also tried to find things in her field right away and how that didn't work out for her. She started with an oil and gas company too and now she is happy.

I know everyone's path is different and some people get the job of their dreams right away, but that hasn't worked for me.

Although I'm not where I want to be right now, I'm willing to see where this journey takes me. I would love to work my way up and eventually make it into their PR department here, but we'll see. I can't see the future and this is only the beginning.

For now I'm getting adjusted to my job and working 10 hour days. It's different from staying in bed for most of the day and being on Youtube, but I'm liking getting up with a purpose each day. I have my own little station with a desk and computer and I can't wait to spruce my area up!

Have you ever had a rough job search or are you job searching currently? Let me know your stories!

P.S. All the GIFs come from an article on Buzzfeed. If you are going through a journey of job hunting, this will make you feel so much better. I have went through every struggle this article talks about!

Love and desserts,


  1. Oh girl searching for a job is THE WORST! I had to settle for a part time job the pays greatly under what I wanted. When I went on maternity leave and we were interviewing people to fill in for me there was people more experienced and with higher education applying for my job! It kinda made me feel thankful for getting the job in the first place and kind of nervous for when I have to go find a new job! Good luck on finding the right fit for you, it can be frustrating and sucks having to take something you feel overqualified for, but you will find something eventually, it might just take some time!

    I found your blog on the blog hop, now following :)


    1. YES, it really is. I never would have thought I would struggle so much trying to find one. I would have felt nervous too, but I'm sure everything worked out just the way it was supposed to! Everything happens for a reason and I always have to remind myself of that. Thank you for the words of encouragement! I truly appreciate it! <3

      Thanks for stopping by and following I'm now following you back! :)


  2. Oh man. We need to be friends. I'm in the middle of the job hunt right now and I totally feel you. We could probably write a book together about all our experiences!! You rock, and you will get through this!

    1. We really do need to be friends! I'm sure everything will work out the way it's supposed to! Hang in there because I KNOW how you feel! I bet our book would be hundreds of pages and a bestseller! HAHA Thank you so much for your kind words! I know you will get through this, as well. Best of luck withyour job search and if you ever need to talk, you know where to find me! :)


  3. Can really emphasize with you- loved the GIFFs hilarious. Good luck with everything- at least you're getting paid regulary and don't give up, at some point timing and your goals will fall into place, don't forget your dream. Also having a blog must be good to- the other side of Beauty PR?
    I found your blog through Meet me on the bright side Beauty blog hop. nikki xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :) I can't really complain. It pays me well and enjoy the people I work with. Just as long as I don't get stuck here forever, I think I'll be just fine! :) But you're right! Can't forget my goals and dreams. And yes, I do think it's good having a blog. It allows me to continue to work on my dreams even though it's not my actual job. It helps me keep up with my writing skills, social media and of course the beauty world. I'm glad you brought that up! Just because I'm not working in my dream field doesn't mean I can't be a part of it! :) Thank you so much for visiting!


  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I went through something very similar last year. What really sucks is when you tell people you got a degree in a certain field and their first reply is, "then why the heck are you here?" This post is almost identical to what I experienced and went through last year. I hope you can find the job of your dreams some day soon!
    x0x0- Kristen

    1. Aww, no problem. Thank you for taking the time out to read such a long post! haha I knew I wasn't the only one who had went through a horrible job hunting experience. And I know what you mean about people asking you why are you here! It wasn't my choice to get a job that wasn't related to my degree, but it happens! We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds! haha It's a good feeling knowing other people have felt the same way! :) Thank you so much for the sweet wishes! <3