Monday, February 24, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Haul

So this happened. I had absolutely no business buying another neutral palette, but I did. The rash decision to buy it happened the day after Valentines Day when one of my good friends from college came into town to visit family and I ended up scooping her up for lunch.

After lunch we decided to breeze into the mall. I wanted to check and see if my JCPenney magically had any Naked 3's in stock (which they didn't), and ended up eyeing the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I stared at it for a few seconds, told myself I didn't need it and walked away.

The next day I kept thinking about the palette. I told myself if I went to the mall next week and they still had some in stock, it would be a sign and I could go ahead and purchase it with the Valentine's Day money my dad gave me and a gift card I still had from Christmas.

Needless to say, the palette was there waiting on me and I knew it was meant to be!
I'm a complete sucker for cute packaging and it's probably the reason why I wanted the palette so much.
What a perfect late Valentines gift to myself with the help of my Daddy. This is literally my kind of chocolate. Makeup and chocolate all wrapped up in one package. It's perfect.

I've only used this palette once, but I already feel like Too Faced has done it again with yet another amazing palette. I loved my A Few of my Favorite Things palette and now I know I'll be obsessed with this one.

Like I had mentioned earlier, I know I didn't need another neutral palette, but in my defense neutral colors are basically all I ever use. Occasionally, I break out some colored eyeshadow if I'm going out, but neutral colors are like my best friend.
The Chocolate Bar puts a little spin on the average neutral palette by adding pink, purple and burgundy shades so I do feel it's a little different. Maybe I'm just trying to justify the purchase. I don't know. I will say that I'm happy I have this palette in my collection now and I know it will be well loved. Plus, it smells like chocolate, so I can't complain.

Be on the lookout for eyeshadow looks using this little puppy. 

What do you think of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette?

Love and desserts,


  1. Ohmygosh. I love the chocolate smell of the Too Faced products. I sniff their bronzer everyday.

    I've heard a lot of good things about this palette. I hope you enjoy it.

    1. I do too! It's so addicting. I find myself sniffing the eyeshadows all the time, as well! I absolutely love their bronzer too. Thank you so much, I know I will! Thanks for visiting. Now following you! :)


  2. After swatching this three times in Sephora, I finally bought it yesterday. Those three shades on the bottom left are stunning!

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

    1. Haha, it was meant for you to have it! I agree with you about the bottom 3 shades. They are so rich! I also love the Salted Caramel color! I hope you enjoy your palette! I know I've been loving it this week.

      Thanks for stopping by!