Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Neon Nails

So I can finally say I’m on summer break! I took my last final on Saturday evening. NO more statistics! YAY! Besides summer school and work, I can’t wait to enjoy the summer sun and all that it has to offer.

One thing summer has to offer that I just love is neon nails. I can finally pull out my bright and obnoxious nail polish and create bold looks with a simple pop of color on my nails.

To start the summer I currently have five neon nail polishes, but hopefully by the end my neon polishes will have expanded.
Left to right: Towel Boy Toy, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Pool Party, 24/7, Dream On

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by China Glaze is extreme highlighter yellow. Although I love how the color looks in the bottle, I’m not a big fan of the application process on the nails. Of course I know that neon polishes usually dry matte, but this one takes forever for the color to become completely opaque.
Pool Party by China Glaze is a bright hot pink. Perfect for tan skin!
Towel Boy Toy by China Glaze is nice bright neon blue with purple reflects in it. I love this color and I haven’t worn it in a while so I’m excited to wear this bad boy soon.

Dream On from Sinful Colors is bright red-based purple. I just bought this recently at Target. I was looking for a color close to Purple Panic by China Glaze, but this isn’t quite what I was looking for. It’s a bit darker than Purple Panic, but nonetheless I still like it a lot.

Last but not least is my favorite, 24/7 by Sinful Colors. GAWSH I love this color. It’s the perfect pink color for the summer. It’s more of a neon light pink. I have seen so many people rave about this color and with it only being 2 dollars how can you not love it?

I’m pullin’ out my neons for the summer!
What’s your favorite neon polishes?

Happy summer y'all! :)

Love and desserts,


  1. I just started summer break and I'm soooo looking forward to summer as well! Wow, those colors are BRIGHT. they look really good, i need some in my collection since I mostly have pale or dark colors. I love your page and that you are a 'Southern girl with curls and who loves pearls' lol. I'm definitely following you :)

    1. Congrats on starting your summer break girl! :) The are extremely bright, but fun for the summer! Let me know which colors you end up picking up if you go summer nail polish shopping soon! Aww, I'm so happy you like my page and that I'm a southern girl! lol :) I am now following your blog as well! :)

      <3 Ashley

  2. I love the bright yellow! I have been looking for the perfect yellow but have not found it yet. Is this your favorite one? Or would you recommend a different one?
    I cant believe yall have finals on saturday! My brother goes to UT too and had one. I was like boyy they are crazy. Congrats on being done for the year :)

    1. Thanks girl! I like the way the bright yellow looks when I apply it right. This is the only bright yellow that I have, so I really don't have anything to compare it to. I know a lot of people don't really like the application of the polish and I'm not a big fan of it, but I feel if you apply the color right like putting a base coat first or using a white polish first might make it better! Hope that helped and made sense lol
      But yes, we have finals on Saturdays which blow my mind!! Ugh it's so annoying. They are nuts here. That's cool you have a house divided! :)
      But thank you! It feels goo to finally be done! :)

      <3 Ashley

  3. Love all the colours! They're perfect for the summer!


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