Monday, April 16, 2012

Fashion Faves: The Impeccable Pig

This past year while not paying attention in one of my classes, I ended up finding this website through a girl who was browsing the Internet in front of me. Ever since then, I have not been able to resist their clothing and it is now easily one of my favorite stores to buy from along with Forever 21 and Francesca’s.

The Impeccable Pig is a local boutique that has a few stores spread across Texas. Even though I am pretty close to one here in Austin, I find myself always shopping online on their website instead because I feel like they have better deals.

Although I LOVE this store, you wont catch me ever paying the original price of their clothing. Their store can be extremely expensive, but what I love to do is shop their sale section. Prices drop extremely low to match my college budget and during certain occasions their sale items can drop all the way to 10 bucks!

I have been able to buy dresses and tops there for dirt-cheap opposed to their original prices. What I have learned from past experiences is to try to never buy something for the full price. At The Impeccable Pig I find the gorgeous and unique clothing for a price I am willing to pay, when it is on sale of course.
A picture of me dressing up in one of my Impeccable Pig tops that I got on sale.

Their clothing is so fresh and whenever I wear a piece from them, I always feel like a million dollars. One dress I am currently waiting to go on sale is the Lovely in Lacy dress. I am currently obsessed with everything lace, and this dress is perfect with the pairing of the light blue color and detailed accent of cream lace.

Another item I want to buy is a shrug currently on sale for $15. I feel like the girl in the picture wearing it pulls it off perfectly, and I would love to create this look using pieces that I already have. 

If you love the look of their clothing from the pictures I have on here, be prepared to drool over some of their pieces on their website here. They also have an awesome blog that I like to stop by frequently to get updates on sales and promotions.

Would you buy something from The Impeccable Pig? What's your favorite place to shop? 

Love and desserts, 

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