Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Liebster and Butterfly Award

Thank you so much CakeshopTundra for these awards! I am so appreciative of it! You are beyond sweet! :) <3 <3 <3

Here are some rules that come with the award:
1. Put a link to who gave you the award.
2. Put the award picture in your post.
3. Choose 5 blogs that have under 200 followers and give them the award.
4. Let them know that you have awarded them.

1. Link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Answer the following questions.
3. Award other bloggers and let them know!

1. What is your favorite song? This is like the hardest question! Well my favorite song right now is Paradise by Coldplay and My two favorite songs in general that I can think of are Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls and Lil Bit by Drake. (I know, I totally cheated this question.)
2. What is your favorite dessert? This is another hard one! I really do enjoy cheesecake though! 
3. What's your favorite pet? I have never had a pet before, but I am dying to get a yorkie! I am in love with those dogs! 
4. Black or white? I love black. It’s such a sheik color, and it’s also so versatile and flattering on any girl!
5. What's your biggest fear? My biggest fear is not being able to fulfill my goals and aspirations in life.
6. What's your best feature? Well, I think my smile is my best feature. It took two years of braces, but I truly feel the smile is the best curve on any body! 
7. What's your everyday attitude? I am 99.9% of the time a bubbly and giggly type of girl. I try my best to keep a positive attitude on a daily basis. I am not the type of person that likes to share anything that’s bad in my life. Instead, I like to smile through whatever I maybe going through. I try my best to remember that there is always someone out there that is has it worse than you. 
8. What is perfection? Perfection to me is when you are completely comfortable and happy with yourself. When you have your peace of mind and serenity and are completely happy. Like Audrey Hepburn says, “The happiest girls are the prettiest.” To me, that is pure perfection.
9. What is your guilty pleasure? One of my guilty pleasures is being a complete bum on the weekends. I love being able to lie in bed for most of the day doing absolutely nothing! During the week my life is semi-crazy with classes, organization meetings and tons of homework, so its nice just to be a bum! Another one of my guilty pleasures is to watch Youtube beauty videos! I can literally be on Youtube watching tutorials and hauls ALL DAY LONG!  haha

Now for my winners! They are in no particular order.
Polished Grace
Hell on Heels
Mila de Illusoire

Thank you again CakeshopTundra!
Love and desserts,


  1. Thank you very much, its a big honor for me!:-) xx M.

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