Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lets Talk Mascara: My Combo

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of mascara? I know I am one of those girls who has plenty tubes of mascara because she buys into the hype of a new mascara, pushes the old mascara to the back of the makeup drawer, and then doesn’t have the heart to throw them out when they become old. I have been trying to get better at this by attempting to finish a bottle before buying a new one.

When I ran out of the Falsies, I was excited to be able to try a new one. I was debating between the L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black and Maybelline Illegal Lengths. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop myself from buying both, but I have found the perfect combination that makes my lashes look pretty nice. I will start out by saying my lashes are pretty decent on their own. They have a natural curl and are a pretty good length.

To talk about each mascara separately, I love the L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black on its own. When I first used this mascara I was a little hesitant because I felt it didn’t give me as much length or volume as I was expecting, but once I started building it up, my lashes became extremely dark, long and thick. It was pure love!
Maybelline’s Illegal Lengths on the other hand let me down. I was disappointed at first, and I stayed disappointed. This mascara contains fibers that stick to your lashes and are supposed to make them 4mm longer, but I feel as though this mascara doesn’t do that. I don’t see much length added to my lashes when I wear this alone. I know this product was once out in the market a while back and was recently repromoted as a fiber extension mascara, but I feel that this mascara does not serve its purpose.

To make sure this mascara doesn’t go to waste like some of my mascaras have in the past, I have been using it in conjunction with my Carbon Black. I apply Illegal Lengths first, let that set in first, and apply Carbon Black afterwards. This, my friends, works wonders. These to mascaras together allow my lashes to be dark, long and luscious. I love the look of big dramatic fake lashes, and this is the next best thing that is acceptable for everyday wear! If you would like to see any pictures, let me know! 

What’s your favorite mascara combo?

Love and desserts,


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