Friday, May 31, 2019

Squeezed Online 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Happy Friday lovelies,

We made it to another weekend. WOOHOO! Today I wanted to talk about my experience with the Squeezed Online’s 3 Day juice cleanse. I tried this cleanse earlier in the year and I’ve been itching to do another one.

This was my first time completing a juice cleanse and when I first went to make my order, I was completely petrified. WOULD I miss food? WOULD I be able to compete it? WOULD I get sick?

My only other experience with a cleanse was back when I first graduated from college and decided to attempt BeyoncĂ©’s Spicy Lemonade Diet. I started strong by preparing the ingredients and failed horribly when my nose got a whiff of my dad’s breakfast sausage and pancakes. Needless to say, I had zero self-control…I blame it on living at home.

Going back to the Squeezed Cleanse I did, one of my main concerns was the side effects. Luckily the only side effect that I did have was a headache the first day, but that was easily solved by one of the handy dandy tips I have below.

I will say I did miss food. Simply because I was around it the majority of the first day. But I did prevail! I was able to complete it and it was fairly easy too! Mainly because I paid for the juices and I HATE wasting money and I was also hungry (no pun intended) to complete it. I was in the right mindset to complete compared to my Spicy Lemonade Cleanse efforts.

I’m saying all of this to say, if you’re thinking about doing a cleanse, I say do it! You really have nothing to lose, aside from bad cravings and hopefully a few pounds. I personally lost 5 pounds from my cleanse and was able to keep them off (until I started eating extremely poorly again). 

Below are some tips I think would be helpful for anyone who is doing a cleanse for the first time.
  • DO add water to your juice once you’ve finished drinking half of it. This helped me with headaches I had the first day of the cleanse. Once I started adding water to the juices, I didn’t have any more headaches.
  •  DO NOT go to social functions that involve food during your cleanse. I did this on my first day and it was miserable looking at everyone eat Mexican food. Try to stay away from temptations to make your cleanse as easy as possible.
  •  DO start your cleanse on a weekend if possible. It was easier for me to manage when I wasn’t at work. I was able to adjust the first two days, which made my third day a breeze.
  •  DO ease into eating after you complete your cleanse. On my first day after the cleanse, I assumed my body could handle whatever I ate as long as it wasn’t bad. Make sure you start with steamed veggies, fruits, etc. that make it easier on the stomach to digest.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m craving to get another juice cleanse in the books, but this time for a longer period. Going for the 7-day! I’m hoping to do it this summer and will keep you posted and include you all along for the ride.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried a juice cleanse or are wanting to try one!

Love and desserts,

Friday, April 19, 2019

Financial Goals for 2019

Hi beautiful people! It's been a while since I've been on here. I've made every excuse in the book not to be consistent with my blog, but my priority this year is to do what makes me feel good. And blogging makes me feel GOOD.

 I won't bore anyone with my personal life drama now, as I'm sure there will be plenty of writing about that later, but I wanted to talk about something that is extremely important for me to accomplish in the next few years. And that would be being debt-free.

I'm sure many have heard of Dave Ramsey and his methods: no credit cards, no student loans, no going into debt to try and get rich etc. I've listened to his podcast for a few years now and I finished reading his book, The Total Money Makeover, about a year ago. I will be completely honest...I would be ALL IN for a few weeks and then slip off the plan for a few months. I'm finally at the point where I am "sick and tired of being sick and tired".

I'm luckily enough to live with my parents and have minimal bills, but somehow I've found myself in a hole that I'm struggling to dig myself out of.

One of the driving reasons why I've finally had enough is that I'm seeing others around me take major steps in their lives. Granted, Dave is BIG on not keeping up with the Jones'. I'm aware that everyone has their own path, but I feel like I have nothing substantial to show for myself at the age of 27.

It is my goal (in order to build wealth) to live off less than what I make and clean up the mess I've created. As my first steps, I've rewritten my debt snowball (which I've done at least 10 times before) and wrote out my payments due for the rest of April and the month of May.

I plan on keeping myself accountable by posting my debt-free journey on my blog. It's out of my comfort zone of what I normally posts, but I hope you all will enjoy.

What are some long term and short term goals you have planned for the next year or so?

Love and desserts,

Friday, October 7, 2016

A Fresh Start with a New Design

Rejuvenation is exactly what my blog needed and I’m so happy I was able to finally do that. It took way longer than I would have liked it to, but I’m slowly trying to take steps to get back in the swing of things. By updating my design, I now not only feel inspired to blog and be consistent with it, but I also want to put up fresh content.
A few things have changed since I wrote my last entry. I’ve started a new job, got a boyfriend (who will hopefully help with taking some of my blog images), made new friendships and I now have a goddaughter who I’m absolutely obsessed with. One thing that has stayed constant with all of my life changes is my passion for all things related the beauty.

I can’t wait to start sharing my life journey again, as well as my love for makeup, fashion and everything in-between!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Things I WILL Say in 2015

Good morning beauties,

I know I'm 13 days too late, but Happy New Year! It's been some time since I've blogged anything, especially after I said I was done with my break. I guess life happened and I really wasn't ready to start back up again. Needless to say, I'm officially back and I'm hoping to get back on a blogging schedule.

I know that with a new year, for many of us, that means having new resolutions and goals set. Right before the new year hit, I made a list of all my new years resolutions in my planner and I kid you not, I had almost 20 of them.

When NYE approached, some of my best friends and I took a trip to Austin. On our way there, naturally we talked about what we wanted out of 2015 and what everyone's resolutions were.
My sorority sister, Stacy, and I 
My best friend and I on NYE
Instead of doing the traditional New Years resolution goals, one of my best friends decided she was going to write down the things she will say in 2015. It's like you're speaking your goals into existence, which I love! With that being said, you know I had to hop on the bandwagon and rewrite my resolutions into my own list of things I will say in 2015.

I won't share all 20 of them with you, but I will share the top ones that are extremely important to me.

1. I do NOT have any credit card debt.
2. I have my car all fixed up.
3. I live a healthier lifestyle.
4. I'm officially in my career and I am out of the mail room.
5. I go to church consistently and pray more.
6. I have worked on meaningful relationships and friendships.
7. I have saved money for my future.
8. I am physically active.
9. I am a better blogger.
10. I started my YouTube channel.
11. I have decluttered my life.
12. I learn something new everyday.
13. I journal daily.

I know it's already mid January and I haven't even begun working on many of the things on my list, but I'm still optimistic and I'm far from discouraged. It's never to late to put your mind in a positive mindset. I know a have a large list of things I will say in 2015, but I intend on saying every single one of them within the year.

I hope that 2015 is filled with nothing but the best for you all and I'm hoping I've inspired some of you to write your own list of things you will say in 2015.

What are some things you want to say in 2015?

Love and desserts,

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Julian Michaels Water Detox Review

Happy Hump Day Y'all!

Today I decided to write about something a little bit different. I'm going to be completely honest here, before I took my break from blogging, I wasn't too happy with my weight. Even now, I'm still not completely happy yet. For the most part, I have always been relatively thin and I have always been able to eat what I want.

In high school I was on the drill/dance team, so no matter what kind of junk I ate, I was always fit physically. (I even had abs.) During my freshman year of college, I was really good about keeping off the weight. Sophomore and junior year, I did gain some weight, but it wasn't too horrible and I was still content with the way I looked. Senior year just took a plummet for the worst.

First semester I didn't really see much of a difference, but my second semester was a mess. I don't know if it was relationship weight or from all the partying/drinking alcohol, but I could definitely see a change in my body. My face got fuller, my arms got bigger, my legs got thicker and the abs I once had were just a faint memory.

By no means do I think I am overweight, but I do see a difference in my body that I do not like. I'm not as comfortable as I used to be in my own skin. I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to work on my weight, and it hasn't been until recently that I have done something to work on my goal.

I'll be honest with you, unless I am dancing, I don't like to work out. When I first packed on my weight, I was trying to find ways to lose it through cleanses and one of my friends told me about the Master Cleanse. I don't know why I thought I was disciplined enough to not eat for 7 days, but I attempted to give it a whirl and failed miserably. I think I had made my first batch of the spicy lemonade too spicy and it was hard to drink. Also, living at home and not eating is really not an option. My father would never let me not eat anything.

Before I started walking/running at my local park, one of my sorority sisters told me about the Water Detox by Jillian Michaels and how you could lose up to five pounds of water weight, while still being able to eat. I immediately thought I had to try this detox. Well on my break from blogging, I finished up my detox and I wanted to share some thoughts and my results with you all.

1. The detox was fairly easy. I thought drinking 61 oz of the mixture would be a problem, because I don't drink the daily recommended amount of water. I drank a glass of it before I went to work, took a liter of it to work to drink throughout the day, and by the time I got home all I had was a little glass of it left to drink.

2. I loved how you could eat with this detox.

3.The taste wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. From steeping the tea, the smell of it turned me completely off. It's not a tea I would think about drinking on it's own, but I guess diluting it with water, cranberry and lemon juice made it much more bearable. In my opinion I'd rather drink this than regular water.

4. It was simple. It didn't call for a lot of ingredients and the process of making the water was fairly easy. I'm all about simple things. This is exactly why the Master Cleanse didn't work for me. I thought it was too strenuous to make.

Unfortunately, I only lost 1.5 pounds with this detox. I'm sure a major factor as to why I didn't lose as much weight as I could have was because I wasn't necessarily eating the cleanest. I ate decently, but I could have done better. Also I have to keep in mind that the detox was meant to loose water weight. If you don't have much water weight, it's understandable if you don't lose up to 5 pounds.

Overall, I'm not sure I would do the detox again. I think it's great that I got the daily amount of water suggested in my system, but other than that, I don't know if it's actually worth it.

Have you ever done a detox before? Did it work for you?

Let Your Light Shine

Love and desserts,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Unexpected Break From Blogging

Hello, you beautiful people! I know you have not heard from me in a while, but I'm sure you can guess from the title that I took an unexpected break from blogging.

I honestly had no idea I was going to take one. It kind of just happened. I don't know if I necessarily have a good reason for taking a break, but I feel like it was most definitely needed. Lately, I have been feeling completely overwhelmed by my schedule and I guess I just needed some "me time" to get my ish together.

I didn't really mean for this to be a life update, but I guess this kind of is. Although work isn't stressful, I've been questioning my current path and asking myself, "Is this going to help me get to where I want to be in the future?" To be honest, I don't really know, but what I do know is that God has placed me where he wants me to be right now. In the meantime, I'm trying to focus on smaller issues, so I can eventually work my way up to the big ones, like my career path.

As of this month, all of my school loans have kicked in and they have been hitting me hard. I'm realizing it's hard to save money, which has been very discouraging. The joys of being an adult.

Recently I've been trying to workout and get my body back into a shape that I am happy with. I had been walking outside at a local park after work and I really enjoyed it. It gave me piece of mind and that was something that I desperately needed.

I did take a break from walking two weeks ago. I honestly just wasn't feeling it. I would be exhausted from work and the last thing I wanted to do at 5:00 was go in the heat to walk/run at a park. Although those two weeks off from walking was nice, that's when I realized I was slacking on goals I had set for myself.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though! This week I am back to walking/running at the park and I am back to blogging. 

Blogging is a passion of mine and although I do think I needed a little time off from it, I do feel like it shouldn't have been this long. I was in a little slump and I felt uninspired, but I hope that I can go hard and create content about the things I love.

Besides the boring stuff, I did have a lot of good times on my break from blogging. Here are a few fun updates that I'd like to share!

1. My birthday was at the end of July. Yay for being 23!

Me on my birthday in Austin
Birthday dessert, which was delicious

2. I ended up making my sorority's Alumnae Board.
Some of the alumnae board with the current executive board
On 6th with one of my sorority sisters, Sheila
3. I've dropped a few pounds.

4. I kind of have a new crush. (Who knows how that will go though.)

5. My best friend Ashley came home from grad school this past weekend to spend time with her family, and of course, ME. I hadn't seen her since May, so it was a breath of fresh air being able to spend time with her.
My girls from high school
My girls from college
I'm making a promise to myself and to y'all that I will do better with posting consistently! I already have a post in mind that I'm so excited to share with y'all later this upcoming weekend :)
P.S. I'm participating in a Link Up called Let Your Light Shine Thursday! Go check it out.
Love and desserts,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good Girls Don't Have to Finish Last

I'm usually not one to write a post on this specific subject, but I just HAD to. I'm no relationship expert by far, but I had to get my pent up emotions out and write about something that was effecting my life.

Many of us have had that one guy that we have been hung up on, can't get over and keep running back to, even though we know the relationship is more toxic than not. Mine was my first boyfriend. 7+ years later, we have continued to do the same song and dance.

One day he wants to work on a relationship with me, the next month he'll say he knows we'll never be together and that we are better off as friends.

Well, not too long ago we did the bath and forth dance. He claimed he wanted to truly give us a chance, and of course I became a glob of silly putty and fell for the same thing he has told me time and time again.

I should know by now doing the same actions only results in the same outcome, and of course, the same outcome occurred.

I have been a second choice more often times than not with my ex and I have always made excuses for him. I literally drove myself crazy thinking about our current situation, but I honestly feel like God works in mysterious ways.

The next day I happened to stumble across an AMAZING blog post my friend shared on Facebook that I NEEDED to hear entitled, "You're Not a "Plan B" Kind of Girl."

There's not many posts about single girls finding Mr. Right that speak to me. THIS ONE DID. It was everything I needed to hear and then some.

I know this blog post won't make me magically change my ways about how I handle my ex. It's a long history that I have to want to stop for myself, but this is a push towards the right direction,

I am making a vow to myself that I will not be treated any less than I deserve to be. Every girl is worth more than that. I will no longer make excuse for him or any other guy for that matter. As Kenya Moore magically put it, "Don't come for me unless I send for you."

If any of you girls have had a similar situation, let me know!

Love and desserts,